Monday, February 22, 2010

JOY #38: writing :)

today was lovely.
i spent most of it in bed trying to rest up for the haiti benefit show tomorrow night,
but around 4, i drove to my guitar teacher's house and dropped off some chord charts bc she is playing w/ me tomorrow night!

i had planned to drive straight back home and hop right back in bed, but along the way,
i was struck with this spontaneous urge to pull over, park the car, sit in it while the rain hit the windows, and just write for a while.

so i did.
oh my goodness - so much joy!!

i poured out the thoughts and dreams and emotions whirring through my head about life and love and blessings and friendships and all sorts of things like that, i listened to a country cd i recently got from a friend (thank you - you know who you are), i
watched the rush-hour traffic seep from parking garages into city streets and finally onto the highways like little ants parading toward a mecca or amazing feast or something big and important like that, and then i just sat for a while.
i watched fat raindrops spatter on my windshield and i talked to God and i smiled for no reason at all (and then i got cold and decided it was time to go home)...
it was a marvelous little afternoon.



  1. Cute journals! :) And that sounds like soooo much fun...I wish I could do that. Isn't writing such a great means of expressing yourself?

    I just wish I could write as fast as I type. Since I write pretty slowly, I end up forgetting some important stuff that I wanted to write down, or my emotions escape me before I have the chance to jot them.

    I'm glad writing gave you joy! :D

  2. AH! I recognize that first one you showed... ;) Love and miss you Meggy..and LOVE Corrine Bailey Rae!