Saturday, November 26, 2011

joy cards :)

hello friends :)
hope your holiday season is off to a warm and wonderful start.
i've spent the past few weeks designing and packaging boxes and boxes of stationery and am so excited to announce that they are officially bundled, ribbon-tied, and ready for the ordering!
10 cards + 10 envelopes + cute box + cute bow + lots of love = perfect gift
for sisters/friends/cousins/co-workers/grandmas/moms/etc.

(not boxed / boxed*)

single pack: $12 / $15*
5 packs: $55 ($11 per pack) / $65 ($13 per box)*
10 packs: $100 ($10 per pack) / $125 ($12.50 per box)*

*boxes will either say 'joy' OR whatever name you choose (first name, last name, nickname - you name it!)

*pricing does not include shipping, but if shipping is required, i'll choose the most cost-effective option and it should not cost much. also, if you're in nashville or cheyenne, i'll bring your order straight to your door.

*'we' on the little blue card refers to me and you. :)

interested in ordering? leave a comment on this blog with your name and email address and/or shoot an email to and i will be in touch with you as soon as i can.


Friday, November 25, 2011


(sisters kel and frannie with cousin, ned)

it's a gift to come home for the holidays,
and there are the obvious reasons like getting to spend time with family, sleep in the bed i slept in growing up, celebrate long-held traditions, etc.
but it's the little things i really love.


mama's banners.
mom, gem that she is, makes any of us who has been gone for an extended period of time and a welcome home banner. absolutely the thoughtfullest.

erin is nannying in italy right now. thanks to skype, though, the rest of us were able to skype with her for an hour and a half on thanksgiving afternoon.
distance averted, in sort.
having lived in nashville for six years now, i absolutely LOVE when it snows at home.
happy thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011


"come to Me, and rest in my peace. my face is shining upon you, in rays of peace transcending understanding. instead of trying to figure things out yourself, you can relax in the presence of the One who knows everything."
- Jesus Calling

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

life lately

...has been characterized by learning a lot about the
art of patience.
and patience isn't really my forte if you know what i mean.
but praise for the fact that we all undergo seasons in life characterized by things
that are hard and

seasons of all sorts hold beauty.

here's to finding joy in the midst.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

pink radio cake.

  1. on sunday, i was at fido and decided i wanted to try their pink radio cake. people have been telling me, 'meg. that cake. is. amazing.' so to my friend in line, i said, 'sydney, i'm gonna get a slice of this cake just to celebrate life... share it with me?' and the guy in front of me turned around and said, 'you know what? i'm buying your cake. if you're celebrating life, i'm buying that!' treat.
fido is one of my favorite coffee shops and the pink radio cake was divine. look at it:

2. i finally traded in my beat up (though beloved) flippy phone for an iphone. yowza. my favorite thing is having a camera with me wherever i go. i like to take pictures of leaves:
the skyline:
my set up at coffee shops: cute kitchens:
cute courtyards:
perfect chai-ness:
my friend caroline on sunshiney days:
quotes that inspire:
words that remind:
wigs on counters: criss-crossy sky lines:
brainstormy things:
fences and benches and ladders and trees:and any other thing my little heart desires.
'tis quite enchanting.

3. the other day at work, we had an abundance of magazines in the back.
thisss was a gift.

i got crafty.

and enjoy your day.

no great thing is created suddenly. there must be time. give your best and always be kind.