Wednesday, February 3, 2010

JOY #19: playing for Haiti :)

i'm a list kind of girl.
and at the beginning of this year, one of the things i wrote on my list of goals for 2010 was to play a real, live, scheduled show (at a particular place and with the particular purpose of sharing my music).

a few weeks ago, i was scrolling through some articles and images of all the devastation in haiti.
i was so, so moved and decided that i didn't want to wait to play with a full band or at one of the particular venues i had in mind, but that instead ... i'd just start exactly where i am and with what i have today, and host a series of house shows/haiti benefit concerts every week throughout the spring right at my own place.

last night was the first one, and it was such a success! i had so much fun and it was such a joy to get to share what i am most passionate about with a group of amazing, encouraging friends, all for a greater cause.
to me, that is the best kind of joy: getting to do something you love and having it simultaneously benefit someone else. ...ya know?!

i am so grateful for how all these little shows have come together and i am super thankful for the opportunity to keep playing them throughout the spring.

xo and joy :)

ps: if you are interested in donating to haiti relief efforts, check out
one of the women who works for this organization came to the show last night and shared firsthand experiences/photos from her time in port-au-prince; the work she did was truly remarkable. i know her 'kids' (the students/orphans she taught in haiti) would be so grateful if you donated funds to help rebuild their school.

come back soon!

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  1. I agree; lists are awesome. :]
    That's a great thing you're doing to help Haiti victims. :D

    ~Wendy L.