Monday, February 8, 2010

JOY #24: silly-ly pronouncing things :)

today was one of those days where i was reminded that
i still have a lot to learn.

have you ever had those days?

i love 'em.
they're humbling and refreshing and thought-provoking and... while i'm not sure that "joyful" is the best way to describe my feeling after the conversation that made me feel this way, i was definitely really grateful and just like...

made me think.

anyway... onto less philosophical things:
today, i pronounced "tuesday" as "tuesDAY."
jenn and i laughed for a long time.

love -
meg :)


  1. I just laughed at this so hard in a coffee shop that I am now crying in public. Hahahaha...I adore you (and Jenn and the Summit...and TuesDAYs!)

  2. Learning that you have a lot to learn is quite wonderful, I must agree! =) It's realize there is a lot more to the world and to knowledge than you thought, and then things get exciting since learning makes life all the more's really just one of the many reasons why life is never boring! :D