if you've never been here before, welcome.  
this little blog is my attempt at finding goodness, beauty, joy, and light
in a world most often seen as painful and dark.  

when i first started this project, i made a video everyday about something that brought me joy, but after video #150 or so, that became quite time-consuming and i needed time to pursue another dream.  so now, my posts consist mainly of writing and photos, but the theme is still the same:  appreciating the simple joys of everyday life.

(if you like, have a look back at some of the video posts by clicking through the archived posts from spring 2010.)

the story behind this blog is here:

albert einstein once said that there are two ways to live a life:
one, as though nothing is a miracle, and the other, as though everything is.

i choose to believe that everything is.
yes, there is (a lot) of pain and tragedy and chaos and disorder and evil and hate in our world. 
i am not blind to these realities and I do not choose to ignore them.

but there is also beauty and joy and goodness and laughter and solace and happiness and satisfaction.  and i have found it hugely rewarding,
especially in an age where there is such great emphasis on all the hurt and suffering in our world, to take the time to appreciate that which is good
and to be grateful for the things that elicit joy.

the story behind this blog is that i want to be someone who chooses to find some piece of joy each day, EVEN if that day is terriblenogoodverybaddepressionfilledabsolutelyawfulsaduglyblah.

because why not?

so join me.
in focusing on that which brings about joy,
in appreciating that which is good and beautiful and simple and bright,
and in saying thank you for the simple gift of being alive. 

joy to you, 

ps:  as for the name:
little white lights (n.):  1. aesthetic magic i will have in at least one room of my house forevermore.  2. fragments of joy, brightness, positivity in a dark world.  3. the simple things that bring one joy.