Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i met my twin today!

today was such a blessing of a day!
a) it was my day off, and b) i got to spend it with friends who lifted my spirit the entire time.

here is are the specifics:
- lunch with the wonderful stephanie falcone.

(i know it's a burger place, but the she crab soup and the caesar salad at burger up are delish. also, fry-dipping into the honey dijon aioli / blue cheese dressing / homemade ketchup is amazing).
anyway, onto the friend part: i met steph a while ago, but today was our first time really hanging out, and oh my goodness, this girl is a BREATH!
a few fun facts: she's the 3rd of 7 kids, she on the vandy women's swim team, she's a studio art major slash singer-songwriter, she wants to get certified to teach pilates reformer classes, (wha?! who does that annnd all this other stuff!?), but above all, she is just so down to earth and authentic and refreshingly real.
i'm excited to be friends.

-meeting my twin.
i've been told by a few friends who lived in australia for the past few months that i have an australian twin. that is cool, but the supercoolness is that said twin, colleen, is visiting NASHVILLE this entire week and i got to meet her today!
she is a singer/songwriter as well, so we spent all afternoon sharing music and telling stories and laughing bc we really are a lot alike in a lot of ways.
we also made ginger tea in a tea kettle and listened to it whistle and when it was ready, i decided to add milk and lemon to mine for what i thought would create some unique sort of yumminess...
but do not do this, you guys.
it does not create some unique sort of yumminess and the milk does this weird separating business in the midst of all the lemony acids, and then the whole bunch of liquid inside the cup ends up looking really disturbing and has made me wonder if i ever want to drink milk again.

-tea with neelam.
finally... i have this really cool neighbor who invited me for homemade chai tea tonight.
i love chai from basically anywhere, but i LOVE chai like neelam makes it.
she makes it from a mixture of leaves off her parents' green tea plant, some loose black tea, several different spices that i cannot remember the names of, milk, cane sugar and fresh grated ginger. so, so delicious!
neelam is a self-described 'dunker,' so she also offered me some cinnamon little cookie things and together we dunked and drank for two and a half hours that absolutely flew!

we also busted out a list of neelam-meg activites that we want to accomplish before 11.11.11. (get it? today is 1.11.11 and we're gonna knock this list out by the next time the date is all 1s?!) and i'm pumped bc one of them includes making an authentic indian meal, and if the food is anything like the chai that neelam makes, it will be just amazin.

the end.
goodnight everyone!

Monday, January 10, 2011

v&b and veggies for lunch

1. hearing vanessa and brett's engagement story.
(oh. my. goodness. that man loves vanessa so, so much!)

2. cinnamon toast.

3. getting off work early and coming home for a low-key, catch-up-with-friends-and-on-laundry
kind of night.

4. making steamed veggies for lunch and feeling superbly energetic post-meal.
who knew veggies could bring ya joy.

Saturday, January 8, 2011



sleeping in
leftover mexican food
a massive cleaning/clearing out/reorganizing of my closet
running into a long-lost friend at the grocery
organizing lots of stuff on my computer
gearing up for a great month - cd release show is one month from today. ee!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

did-ty times.

1. 100.1
2. "i luff did-ty."
3. smiling elephant (go eat there if you have not already).
4. the inside of the hood of my sweatshirt.
5. mom sending me picture messages of dad dressed up in his new Christmas clothes.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happppppy new year, everyone!

Wishing you an amazing, blessing-filled year adorned with lots of little white lights,
even -and especially- in the face of darkness.

(ready to ring in the new year!)

joys from today:
-neily's croissant bread pudding.
-dinner with some of my besties at PM.
the waiter told us we were the happiest table he had ever waited on and i only mention this bc we really were such happy girls, getting to laugh and catch up and sit so snug after having been apart for so long. i think Heaven includes these kinds of meals.

(so happy at dindin!)

more joys:
-the coffee i drank after dinner. (somehow, that coffee was the most perfect tasting coffee i have ever had).
-an epic game of loaded questions and the laughter that ensued.
-staying up til 5 snuggling with my roomies and catching up.

Here's to finding joy in the small things.

ps. these are my new years resolutions:
1. yoga 3x per week.
2. weekly letter to grams.
3. read more. (kickin off the new year w/ the happiness project by gretchen rubin).