Tuesday, February 16, 2010

JOY #32: little white lights :)

12:16 am
tonight was so blessed!
i cannot wait to share w/ you all!
finishing the video right now... will post it asap.

ps: i've had lots of people ask for a list of all the songs/artists in each video so...
here ya go! purchase the music and support all these writers/artists!

song title/ artist
1. try/asher brook (fame soundtrack)
2. the way i am / ingrid michaelson - check this girl out. genuine. real. love her.
3. if i'll ever / adie
4. jesse hold on / bwitched - i'm not afraid to say that i still love this group.
5. let's hear it for the boy / footloose soundtrack
6. dream kitchen / hans zimmer (the holiday soundtrack) - love that movie!
7. say / john mayer
8. gotta be / des'ree - think i listened to this song 200 times this summer
9. everybody, everybody / blackbox
10. second star to the right / jesse mccartney
11. you belong with me / taytay
12. all i need / shawn mcdonald
13. sleep / meg murray (oh i so want to record a cd! i'll let you know when i do!)
14. i go blind / hootie and the blowfish
15. legacy / nichole nordeman - beauuutiful song!
16. orange sky - alexi murdoch
17. that's where you take me / britney spears
18. we'll find it / sister hazel (wedding planner soundtrack)
19. separate vacations / hans zimmer (the holiday sountrack)
20. if my heart had wings / faith hill
21. someday we'll know / mandy moore (a walk to remember soundtrack)
22. the way i feel / matt wertz
23. center / charlie hall
24. free to be me / francesca battistelli
25. piano song #1 / meg murray
26. shining star / earth wind & fire - love this group
27. new soul / yael naim
28. love story / tay
29. maybe / ingrid michaelson
30. whole new world / aladdin
31. piano song #2 / meg murray
32. fight / ronnie freeman - this song makes me wanna be a professional, really graceful, really good (i guess professionals are those things...) ballet dancer. just sayin.

1:03 am
here it is!

joy to you all tonight!
sleep tight.


  1. Wow, that is so amazing, Meg!! I can't believe that about the little girl...I don't think it was a coincidence. Even though it may not make sense, but I believe it's a sign that your blog is a true blessing to many people and you should definitely keep blogging. :)

    And indeed, you always have some really amazing and inspirational songs up along with your blog posts. =] Love them!!

    LWL forever! <3 Can't wait to read more.