Saturday, February 13, 2010

JOY #29: kelley

today i talked to my little sister kelley for an hour.
twas so great.
kelley is my second-youngest sister (i have three) and she is doing a foreign exchange in chile this year.
thank goodness for skype.

also today, i
a) ran seven miles (amanda vick - i would not have made it without you. you crack me up. thanks). half marathon #1/2010 is one month from today!
b) shaved my legs
c) took a nap
d) played scrabble online.

these all brought me joy.
off to eat some gumbo!



  1. Ahh, I miss all of you so much! I haven't talked to Frannie or Kelley in a long time... I hope Kelley is enjoying her experiences in Chile!

    a) Wow...I really need to start exercising more. You make me feel guilty. :P hehe.

    b) Fun!

    c) Naps are a great way to refresh your mind. :)

    d) Scrabble is my favorite game ever!!

  2. It must be so hard to have her gone for so long.

    I hope for my next adventure to be in another country making pastries.

  3. Oh how I love my girls. It brings me great joy to see the love and connection you share with one another. I love you--Mom

  4. hahah meggie i just read that mom commented on here and i CRACKED up.


  5. and then i watched this and started crying!! I MISS HER SO MUCH TOO! and you!
    luv ernie