Wednesday, February 10, 2010


yesterday (tuesday) was a whirlwind of a day.
i did music at the nursing home in the morning,
(i played lots of my own songs, a handful of patriotic ones and hymns, and then a) got requests for some billy joel and elton john for next week and b) was asked on a lunch date by a precious lady from assisted living who wears purple and green sweaters with matching pants and frequently has red lipstick on both her lips and her teeth. :) )
babysat all afternoon,
(reference joy #25)
played haiti benefit concert numero dos in the evening,
(explanation below)
and then blogged (and made the video and such) late into the night
(and finally crashed around 3:30 am).

i enjoyed a lovely lunch with my dear friend, kathryn,
(lemongrass chicken egg rolls from trader joe's; total yum)
watched this week's episode of the bachelor on hulu,
(which... funny story... i originally thought was "zulu," but when i went to, i did not find any tv episodes. i called my roommate and said "jenn, i dont think this zulu thing works on my computer")
worked at the restaurant,
(and only made one thing of guacamole tonight! ...that never happens)
and now, i am doing my bliggity blog.

tomorrow i'm waking up at 5:30 (yikes. it's already 12:49 am) to babysit.
it's william though, so... totally worth it.

(hey - for those of you who read these, btw, thanks for putting up with my totally stream-of-consciousness, just-like-i-talk kind of writing)
yesterday's haiti benefit was such. a. ball!
we had both more people and raised more money than in the first week, so... yay!
also, christine sang three of her own songs last night,
and we decided to turn off all the big lights during the show, so it was extra magical-ly.
(magical-ly just sounds better than magical to me).
i cannot wait to see how these shows progress and evolve throughout the spring.

my joy for today is coming home after work and seeing the sign that william put on my door before the show last night.
when i was babysitting yesterday, i'd asked him if he wanted to make a "welcome" sign and he was like...
"i could do that."
i got him some paper and a box of markers and watched him pull out the only sharpie and proceed to ferociously write
i love that kid.

if i had made the sign, it probably would have said "welcome!" in bubbly letters, and then be dotted with flowers and stars and other doodly things.

i like the "ARE YOU READY TO ROCK" much better.



  1. Total yum. Bliggity blog. Joyityjoy. Saying those words to myself make me giggle! =P
    I'm so glad the Haiti Benefit went well!
    It's amazing how well you work with kids. :D William sounds like a sweet boy!

  2. Can I please meet William next time I'm in town?? And can he make me a welcome sign, too? And zulu...hilarious. Hahahaha. I want to see footage from your benefit concert sometime!