Wednesday, February 17, 2010

JOY #33: whitwhit!

in a certain sense,
the only reason i ever got to nashville in the first place was because of whitney.

whitney is one of my 26 cousins on my dad's side.
she grew up in california, i grew up in wyoming, and we always said we wanted to go to college together, so when she headed off to vanderbilt and found it to be a perfect fit (she's a year older than me), i knew i at least had to apply.

so i did.

and then i was wait-listed.
and then i decided that that was just fine and that i would go down and study musical theatre at TCU.
i went to visit TCU and got all squared away w/ a roommate and everything and was PUMPED to go there.
and then
at the beginning of june, i got a call saying that vanderbilt
had a place for me, after all, and would i please like to accept it?!

at this point, i had never visited vanderbilt or nashville or tennessee or any part of the south (except for texas) in my entire life and there was not time to visit before the admissions office needed my reply.
so what did i do?!
i called my whitwhit.

and long story short,
because of her
(slash ... actually because there is an amazing, awesome, incredible, divinely-orchestrated plan for every single person in this whole, humongous, massive crazy world... boggles my mind)
i came to the nash.

so today i'm joyful because whitney was born.
it is clear to me, in so many ways, that she has been a significant part of
my unfolding plan.

i love you, whitwhit!!!
happy birthday!!!!


  1. THANK YOU MEGHAN!!! You bring me JOY and this just made my day even more special!! I LOVE YOU!! FWJOMA forever! :)


  2. happy birthday to your friend whitney! :)

  3. your blog is a hoot! watching all these little joys makes me appreciate all the little fun & simple things in my life that make me happy and whole and this, especially in this weird place i'm at now, makes the harder things much much more tolerable!

    p.s. i've totally spread your site to other friends who need a little joy!