Thursday, February 11, 2010

JOY #27: new pens!

what does JOY mean to you?
joy to me does not mean being happy or excited or a big ball of laughter all the time.
it does not mean having a stress-free, problem-free life with an abundance of people who necessarily get you.
and it does not mean getting or having everything you want.

what it does mean to me is
having an abiding inner contentment that -even in the face of hardship- is totally incorruptible because you know everything is going to be ok.
it's having the perspective that, even in a world that is overwhelmed by pain and suffering, there is still beauty - if you take the time to look - and a whole lot of grace.
and it's appreciating the little things and trying to send up a quick "thank you" to whoever made them all possible, as much as you can.

today, i went to cvs and bought a new pack of my favorite type of pens before work.
somehow, writing with these pens just makes my day a little bit better.

small joy.
meg :)

1 comment:

  1. Haha cute video, amazing song, great blog entry overall! :) I can't believe you were able to video CVS didn't any of the employees say anything? :P

    I love getting new pens! Especially the uniball brand! And gel pens, of course. :]