Sunday, January 24, 2010

JOY #7: roadtrips

when i was a baby, my dad used to take me on drives if i couldn't fall asleep.

he would bundle me up in some snuggly baby clothes,
snuggle me up in my snuggly baby car-seat,
sing to me some snuggly baby songs,
and soon,
we. would. be.
in an old jeep wagoneer with navy paint and wood side-paneling, to make matters better.
pretty cool.

this ritual of trying to get me to fall asleep by driving me around has not only stuck, but grown into a huge fondness of mine;
i have come to absolutely love riding in cars.

it's like being lulled into relaxation by the continuous motion of a cozy, safe, little orb.
(ok, so maybe that's a lot bit subjective, but... you get my gist).

this weekend, i went up to the great smoky mountains with a group of girlfriends.
we went hiking, laughed a lot, ate dinner and sang karaoke at a fun little wine bar, went to the orginal (sorry nashville, gatlinburg had the first...) pancake pantry and ate the epitome of fluffy, delicious pancakes, caught completely up about life and love...

and spent about 500 miles of car time together.
so. much. simple. joy.

hope you all had a great weekend!
videos 8 and 9 to come as soon as i get them done!


  1. Gatlinburg. SO. MUCH. JOY.

    Did I ever tell you I used to take yearly family trips there? I love that drive. Miss that drive. Miss the G$burg (as my sisters & I came to know it...haha). Miss YOU!

  2. your dad is a genius!! this is the kind of thing my psychology classes are supposed to be useful for.. lol