Thursday, January 21, 2010

JOY #6: green tea frappuccinos

today had many little joys:
guitar lesson
lunch with a great friend at the froth
visit to skyline to see all the wonderful people i used to work with
(the star of today's video):
a delicious little treat from starbucks.

tomorrow is friday. that is good.
sweet dreams.
meg :)


  1. You are too darn cute Meg. Really you should be a movie/singer star! You'll be our generations JENNIFER ANISTON! OMG! You are beautiful. Nat.

  2. SCOOB -- I just watched this and received a phone call right after your video ended -- definitely answered the phone & was talking in a scoob-ish/russian accent.

    I REALLY am glad you still talk like that!! Hilarious. <3 you!