Wednesday, January 20, 2010

JOY #5: joey's hilariousness

a few nights a week, i work at this great mexican restaurant
called cantina laredo. if you haven't been there, come try it - it's delish. and we make fresh guacamole at your table, so... done and done. see ya there. :)

once, there was this guy named joey. joey was also a waiter at cantina laredo, and he would frequently come up and tell me all sorts of random things about
and kittens
and glow-worms
and boo-boo snicker-doodles (?!)
and whatever else was on his mind, and...
it never failed to make us both laugh
a lot.

so tonight,
my entry is attributed to the hilariousness of the dear, dear joey freece-meister.
please enjoy.


p.s. in no way was this intended to make fun of joey. (and he knows that). he was totally aware of the purposes behind me catching this footage and he knows that if he ever wanted, he could catch footage of me being equally as ... crazy.
just to let you know.

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