Sunday, January 17, 2010

JOY #2: rocking a baby to sleep while singing Ingrid tunes

I love the kids i babysit. Like... i... love 'em. I would almost go as far as to say that I enjoy babysitting as much as I enjoy going out on some nights. Is that absolutely crazy?

There is just something so innately precious (and often hilarious) about little kids that makes spending time with them hard to resist.

The other night, I babysat for for CG and JT.
CG is four and has a nightly routine as ordered as a row of bricks, and it totally cracks me up. Each of her 12 stuffed animals gets tucked in with her and must be put in exactly the correct place. Mr. Bear has to go on the outside of the bed to keep Little Rabbit from falling off. Jessie Lamb has to get covered up with her own stuffed animal blanket and be placed directly to the right of CG, and Mr. Ted has to sleep precisely on CG's tummy.
...and on and on the process goes, until all of the animals are exactly in their specified positions.

JT is two. He is cute with capital C (read Cute), and he normally gets rocked to sleep while listening to a variation of Bible/children's songs, but the other night, I had this huge urge to sing some Ingrid Michaelson tunes. So I did.

I'm sure he had absolutely no idea what I was singing about, but it was so sweet, just sitting there, rocking him and singing "The Way I Am," watching his eyelids grow heavier and heavier with each round of the chorus, and seeing him drift peacefully into baby sleep.

meg :)

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