Friday, January 29, 2010

JOY #14: snow days!

where i grew up,
snow days meant at least a foot of snow,
dangerously icy roads, and usually a lot of wind. they meant stocking up on bread and milk, planning to have massive drifts block in the driveways for a few days, and gearing up for the serious, bad-boy types of blizzards that could render a person lifeless.

in nashville? not so much.
in this city, if there is so much as word that snow is coming, school is canceled. if there is an inch and half of the sweet, gentle, peacefully-falling kind of snow, stores (like the bank i tried to go to today) lock their doors and send all their employees home by 2 pm. and if a young girl tries to drive to her friend's house around 8 pm when, yes, more snow has accumulated, but no, the roads are not icy and there is not a sliver of a bit of wind, neighbors will worriedly ask,
"you're not driving in this, are you?!"

oh, i love this city. :)
snuggle in!


  1. Meghan!!! I am lovin reading your blog. I smiled through each one. Your mom sent me the link so I had a chance to read them all today. You are such a beautiful person. I miss seeing your smile. Keep being joyful! You make a difference. Love and kisses. Leslie McPeak a Wyomingite!

  2. Love your blogs!! Can I just tell you in Chicago people are like its going to snow this weekend, and Im like how much and there like an inch and im just like whats the matter? Thats alot for them.

  3. I love this post- I find the same thing to be true here in Cali :)
    Really like your blog Meghan- looks like you are doing well! <3

  4. So my brother sent me your blog; he says that you're his friend's sister, that your blog made him smile, and that your happiness reminded him of me a bit... After reading all of your beautifully simple JOYS, I've realized I LOVE YOU and I don't even know you! I can relate to everything you've posted -- the sweet, cute things that make you smile; the compassion you have; the beautiful song you sang called "sleep" and the different directions that life is pulling you every day. What a beautiful personality you possess. You're a BRIGHT LIGHT in the world, Meghan. I want to bring out God's spark in the world like you do, through my heart and into others' hearts. Keep up these days of joy, Meghan! I can't wait to read about them!
    <3 Colleen :)