Sunday, January 31, 2010

JOY #16: watching the sky change colors

it's 1:56 am and i'm starting to realize that this daily movie-making is far more time-consuming than i initially thought. the uploading, the splicing, the clipping, the adding of text, the trying to find cool music, the fitting of the music, the transferring to vimeo, the waiting for vimeo to process it so it can then be embedded on the actual blog... it is quite the process.

you know what!?
i am having a blast with this project.
every day, my senses are on like... super alert... to take in all the little things that bring me joy. every day, i get super excited because i know i have the chance to share these little joys!
...and every day this week, i've been like... shoot, meg... there goes ANOTHER day of not getting to bed by 10:45 pm.

but let's not talk about that.
slash... we can. it's just... sometimes i don't like to admit that i've failed at things. ju know?
and i totally failed at this goal.
like... the earliest i went to bed all week was probably 1.
how about we talk about pizza picnics, instead?

have you ever had a pizza picnic?
they are quite enjoyable.
order a pizza. spread out a blanket. call some friends. eat the pizza on the blanket. pretend it's summer. keep eating. have a blast.
tis good fun.

i had one tonight.
only... i didn't video the pizza picnic, so you're gonna have to imagine.
so much joy.


  1. Thanks for sharing your joys! Pizza picnics are awesome. :]

    ~Wendy (Hope's sister)

  2. Meg my love!

    I adore this! You just made my day a buhgillion times more awesome!

    Love you lady!

  3. Hi Meg.

    Amazing yet again. I try to tune in every now and again. Check out my blog

    it goes in hand with your TN sky :)