Friday, September 10, 2010


today was an all-around great day.
i never intended for this blog to be a tell-all about what i do in my days,
but today's entry is gonna be exactly that.

i worked at burger up all morning (slash til 4).
i love working there.
i love the people i work with, i love getting to meet and talk with so many new people each day, i love that i can sip on diet coke whenever i want, i love that i can eat delicious french fries and other yummies at the end of my shifts, and i really just love the vibe of the whole place.

then i dashed home, changed super fast, and went to hot yoga.
so. so. intense today.
wanted to walk out of there bc i felt like a was gonna die about ten times...
but then it was over
and then i felt great.
i love that feeling of having worked really hard for something, sticking it out, and then feeling great.

at night, i made dinner with some of my girlfriends.
we made pasta with this yummy homemade tomato sauce and a yummy caesar salad w/ lots of parmesan-reggiano cheese and shared a delicious bottle of shiraz,
and then they had vanilla ice cream and i ate a blue ice pop.

as we were sitting at the table and i was taking a sip of wine, i had one of those moments where it was like -

that last part is terribly inarticulate, but maybe you get my gist.
i just feel really in a good place right now and i'm incredibly grateful for that.

there have been several times in my life where i have been like
(and will joy ever really come again? and will i ever get out of this massive black hole of uncertainty and depression?)

... and then i do.

joy is always restored.

meg :)

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  1. Haha you rock, Meg! :) Every time I read your blog I can just feel the joy bursting from your words straight into my heart. Your posts never fail to make me smile no matter what my mood is. Thanks so much for your daily doses of joy!

    P.S. Your dinner made me hungry.