Thursday, September 9, 2010

jambalaya, the little ones, and playin

the rees family is really awesome.
there are 8 kids.
the 4 oldest ones play in a band together.
the 4 younger ones are the most precious little lovies in the world.
paige makes some meeeean jambalaya.
steve brews his own beer.
max and kolbe do the cutest version (ever) of 'home on the range,' ukelele and all.
(max and kolbe are 6-year-old twins).
angelle ran up to me and said 'you are my best friend in the whole entire WORLD!' when i came in the front door tonight. :)
(angelle is 8).

tonight i went over to this joy-filled home and got to feast on paige's authentic traditional cajun jambalaya.
i also got to play 'maid' with precious mollie girl (who is 4),
after all the little kids went to bed,
the big kids plus some mutual friends plus myself went to the band room and had a jam session complete w/ drums, keys, 3 guitars, bass, a bongo and loveeee.

joy was resonating.
music is so cool.

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  1. Aw, this is a lovely post! :) This family sounds amazing! And it really seems like you have a way with kids, which is awesome! :D