Saturday, September 4, 2010

messy buns and music funs

for the guys out there,
just disregard.

for you girlies, though,
the messy bun that just works the first time?
(i mean, works as in you can just wear it out in public all day after hopping out of the shower and having no time to do anything else with your soppingwetscragglepuff of a head of hair ...
bam baby.

joy numero dos = going to a show at what i like to refer to as the hippest, vibe-iest place in the nash:
my friend molly's apartment.

molly is a friend
(slash super talented musician/singer/songwriter) from vandy, and she and her friend matt recently started this awesome thing called "The Hoop," where, on the first Saturday of every month, they host a house show featuring several artists/writers from around town...
and it is so, so awesome.
... chill, intimate, encouraging, supportive, fun...

nighty night!
meg :)

"Character is a measure of how you treat people who aren't able to help you, love you, or give you anything at all."
-quote from a little book i saw on a coffee table tonight

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