Tuesday, October 4, 2011


today just calls for two posts, folks.

because for three. (i put that period there on purpose, btw. bc i'd like it to be known that these were some greeeat hours, and the fact that i had three of them was an absolute gift from the doler outer of babysitting hours).
...solid hours this afternoon, i got to tote around this 4-week
(as in i weigh 10 pounds and was born less than a monthhhh ago 4-week)
-old little babe
in the sunshine,
in this sling (!),
in this city that i love
and it was just. magical.

(boys, you don't have keep reading if you're weirded out).
girls: we went on an entire downtown adventure,
including to the library (if you live in nashville and haven't been to the main branch on church street, go as soon as you can - it's absolutely beautiful), as well as to the men's bathroom at the hermitage hotel (still fully functioning/famous for its 1930s art-deco styling/gets visitors every day), and up and down many city blocks, just exploring and soaking in the sun.

twas divine.


  1. I need someone to carry me around in a sling like that!
    Love you, Meggie.

  2. Just got caught up on your blog Meg! Love it! Love you!! Have a happy day!