Sunday, October 2, 2011

drying racks and fallidays

today i bought a drying rack.
the thing that
costs money i'd rather spend on coffee or gas or a scarf or this deliciousness,
stands awkwardly in the corner of my room, just...hangin out,
and renders clothes both card boardy and more uncomfortable
than is necessary at all, in my opinion, though mom -and she's a wise woman- would have me believe differently, which is partially why i bought d.r. to begin with.
i digress.

the thing is kinddd of a joy-bringer.

because for the past two years,
every time i've washed my 'hang dry' stuff,
it's ended up strewn across
the counter, my keyboard, the couch, the stools, the chairs, hanging off door handles
and things are just a bit of a hassle this way.

so cheers to my drying rack.

and also cheers to
fall, fall candles, fall smells, fall leaves, fall parties, fall air, fall clothing,
fall running, fall walking, fall photos, fall yoga, fall dancing, fall napping,
fall driving, fall holidays (...fallidays*), fall candy, fall love.
tis thee. greatest. season of them all.

what are some of your fall joy-bringers?

*click on this link and listen to my friend becca's song, "Falliday." just swell. :)


  1. fall leaves--that brings me so much joy! walking around, hearing the crunches of bright leaves and seeing the leaves' celebration of the end of their life (before winter) is so joyful!

  2. Fall in Wyoming might just be the very best! And, I am so glad to know that you have joined the ranks of drying rack users-tis oh, so practical:)