Wednesday, February 9, 2011

so sometimes life gives you lemons...

and today was one of those days.

for those of you who don't know,
tonight was supposed to be the night of my ep release party.
--my first time playing with a full band, my first show at a bigger nashville venue, my first time publicly performing all that's on the ep (plus several other originals, plus some really fun covers), etc.

so naturally, i've been anticipating and getting excited for this night for months!

i knew what dress i was gonna wear,
had lined up a few opening bands,
hung posters,
put together and rehearsed with my own full band for the first time,
found a suitcase to arrange my cd's in on my merch table,
got a strand of little white lights to hang around the edges of my merch table...
you get the picture.

and then,
it snowed.
a ton.

for my hometown folk from wyo,
an inch or two of snow in january is no big.
it's like. SNOW.SHMO, yeah?

but here in nashville, this is not the case.
nashville shuts down after the tiniest bit of snow.
groceries sell out of bread. school gets canceled for days. work lets out early and/or starts extra late.
everything. shuts. down.

today i get done working at lululemon at 3.
it's just starting to snow.

i drive home, where i'm about to curl my hair, run through a few songs with Christine, eat something, head to sound check, and then perform this baby of a show that i have been pumped for for so many months!

mom and dad and kelley surprise me with a big thing of roses, ernie (sister erin) had sent the sweeeetest thing of bamboo stalks (ernie - perfect!! you know me too well. :)), and my murray cousins had sent another precious thing of flowers - and in the excitement of all of this and trying to get ready pretty quickly before sound check, it never occurred to me that the weather might get bad enough to have to actually cancel the show.

but long story short,
it did.

dad and i kept watching all the snow come down and all the cars creeeeep along the streets, and in the end... it just got too bad out to have the kind of show i'd envisioned / for people to be able to travel there safely, and so we canceled it.

all that to say...
i still had an amazing night. :)

it's funny how things always work out, but they really do.
i was disappointed at first.
and then I was really disappointed and even allowed myself to crylaughrealllllllyisthishappeningrightnowbutwhyyyy?! for a sec.
(hey. sometimes it's just the perfect thing).

but then,
i chose to invite a few friends over for pizza and just have a fun, cozy-in night with my family.
and it was perfect.
we sat around the kitchen table and talked and drank diet coke (and la croix!)
and ate homemade brownies and pizza and also some tortellini soup mom had made this afternoon,
and it was wonderful.

and then we all moved to the couches and played table topics and talked and laughed and told stories a bit more and it was just one of those quality time nights where i was like -
this is awesome.

i'm super bummed the show didn't work out tonight
(esp. cuz my parents and kelley flew especially for it)
i am so, so grateful for the quality time i got to spend with my family and friends tonight.

i cannot wait for the night of the rescheduled release and will keep you all updated about the date and time.
would love for you to join me there. :)

from the very bottom of my (heart? ... too cliche... feet? ...that sounds weird... self? -literal thought process in my mind right now:) ), thank you all for your kind, kind words and messages and encouragement and excitement around my first ep. :)
i feel so loved.

joy to you,

kelley girl.


  1. This post is so lovely! Making strawberry lemon joy milkshakes out of the situations! I can't wait to see your whole family! LOVE. YOU.

  2. Sorry the show got canceled, I was really looking forward to it! But I'm glad to see you can still be joyful. I will definitely be at the next show if at all possible!