Tuesday, February 22, 2011

library stuff

today i took a little adventure to the library.
highlight of my day.
the nashville library is amazingly beautiful.

"hi, i'd like to get a library card please."
(me to front desk guy).

narrow, question eyes.
(front desk man to me).

i guess my enthusiasm surprised him.

also, i'd like to check out anne of green gables; can you direct me to that area?

that's in the chilllldren's section, he said.

"great, thanks."

i think he thought i was quite odd.

now i have a library card, the library is beautiful, and i'm about to read anne of green gables
(somehow missed out on this one and a friend's been telling me i have. to. read. it. i am) and there is joy in this situation.

and also:
tonight, i hosted a springtime spaghetti dinner.
spring and spaghetti don't fit entirely (or at all, really), but that's what i wanted to cook.
so i cooked it.
a few girlfriends came over and we all ate together and twas lovely.
we also watched a walk to remember and all agreed that the soundtrack from that movie is one of the best ever.
i am so excited for the spring.
and now i'm going to read my children's book.

in the words of a dear friend,
sleep with the angels.


ps - check out my friend carolyn's blog.
it's beautiful.


  1. Thanks for the blog reference. Tumblr is awesome. :)

    Totally know what you mean. I live at the library nowadays due to hardcore college studying, but I remember when I was younger I'd get super stoked about checking books out and things. :D Anne of Green Gables was Hope's and my favorite when we were kids!


  2. Anne of Green Gables was the sole inspiration for my Mother to want a little :)