Wednesday, February 23, 2011

rites, naps & pico vs.

a. vandy has amazing artists for rites of spring this year.
so excited for that.
sara bareilles? matt and kim? yes please.
annnd it just happens to fall on my birthday.
that is swell.

b. today i came home from work and took a 4-hour nap. not sure i can legitimately call 4 hours a nap, but. i am.
it was magical.

c. i have friends doing really cool things and i'm gonna start celebrating them through this blog. check back soon for more, but for tonight,
check out these guys.
they're awesome.
listen to/watch ' the villa sessions' and then go to itunes and buy their record. joy.

ps - it just started thunderstorming and i looove falling asleep to rain and thunder.
this. is wonderful.

night night.

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