Thursday, October 7, 2010

just a typical day of fallish whimsy

there was nothing particularly amazing about today...
aside from a hundred tiny little things that just made it phenomenal!
here are a few:

unloading boxes at the new lululemon store:
this was fun and it brought me joy simply bc i feel so grateful to have this job and i lovelovelove all the girls with whom i get to work.

carrying undressed male mannequins across a street:
... funny watching people smile and laugh in their cars as i toted the awkward things.

picnic lunch on the sidewalk outside lululemon:
we all ate yummy sandwiches on the sidewalk in the sunshine in a circle.

grocery shopping at whole foods:
tonight i splurged a little and got some groceries from whole foods. i spent like an hour just walking around and looking at everything and left with just a few things, but man... i love that store!

apple cider:
one of the things i got at whole foods was a gallon of homemade apple cider. how perfectly fallish and fun! i cannot wait to drink it over the next week! yum!

dinner w/ steph and austin:
two of my dearest friends met me at whole foods and we all sat outside under the october moon and ate and caught up. i had sushi and chocolate milk.


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