Sunday, October 10, 2010

chili a la allen, ashtanga yoga, & dancing at radnor

friday night, my friend allen made his famous from-scratch chili and it was amazing!
i've been hearing about this chili for several months and it totally lived up to its hype. i also tried sweet potato pie for the first time on friday night and it was gooood.

saturday, i went to an ashtanga yoga class with all the lululemon girls. it was super intense and challenging, but entirely rewarding; i love that kind of workout. after yoga, we all headed to the store (which will officially open on October 15!!! so close!) to continue unloading boxes, and then we ate lunch.
we got to go to whole foods and choose anything we wanted (wha?! so fun!), and then we parked it on the sidewalk and shared our goals w/ each other. it is amazing to work for a company that is so invested in every employee's personal development; i feel so, so fortunate to have this job.

today, i went hiking at radnor lake for the first time ever since i moved to nashville. i cannot believe it's taken me five years to discover this gem of a place!
the drive there consisted of windows-down perfectness + the lastest john mayer album + great friends and conversation, and the actual hike consisted of some harmonized rounds of kumbaya + a spontaneous dance attack that made onlookers (and ourselves, actually...) laugh a lot :) + solid time with friends, both new and old,
which made for a perfect sunday afternoon.

i love the fall.

have a joyful week!!

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  1. Autumn is my favorite season. :) and perfect for hiking! Glad you had such a great time.