Thursday, July 15, 2010

JOY(s) #124

hi all! I just returned from a brief stint to nyc/upstate ny and it was so joyful!
first, two of my great friends from college, john nehme and rachel weber, got married.
rache and i were roommates when we studied abroad in siena, italy and john and i had (-ve) a lot of mutual friends.

joys from their wedding:
-the little red doors at the chapel where the wedding took place
-dancing like old times with such great friends at the reception

- hearing a family singing under a bridge in central park
-walking through the theater district and seeing all the famous theatres / reminiscing about lots of theatre-y memories from my childhood
-buying a peach from a fruit-stand on 5th and savoring it while i walked through central park
-popping into St. Patrick's cathedral... ahh! breathtaking!! ... and being there while Adoration was going on!
-making it up to the met(-ropolitan museum of art)
(it was closed, but i just wanted to see it bc it is the setting for one of my favorite childhood books, from the mixed up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler, in which the main character runs away and hides there :) )
-eating dinner with my aunt and uncle and at a really cool place called the spice market
-the ginger margarita i enjoyed at dinner. so, so tasty!
-walking through the west village (which has cobblestone streets!... that's cool in nyc!) after dinner and seeing all the chic boutique hotels
-getting to snuggle up on a comfy couch in my friend's apartment and crash after a looong but awesome day of exploring.
i love nyc!

joy to you :)

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