Saturday, July 24, 2010

JOY #127: pure old-fashioned fun

ah! today was a lovely, lovely day!
i worked from 11-5 at the burg, then went to
musician's corner, then went to

swing dancing in the park (picture a 1950's big band dance under a huge tent w/ tons of families, precious old couples spinning and dancing like they were still in their 20's, and people from all different walks of life out having a great time together), and thennnn to
and sonic.
mmm mmm mmm!
i tried a cherry limemade freezer or something like that (cherry limeade w/ icecream?!!?)
- super delish.

closing thoughts:
i love having friends who love dancing so much and -
geoff, fishy, luke, etc - i feel so fortunate to some basically-brothers in you.
joyity joy.

meg :)

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  1. Ooh, sounds like you had a blast!! Swing dancing?? Ahh, that sounds like SOOO much fun! :) Haha, I would've loved to see those sweet old couples.