Saturday, December 31, 2011

top 15 of 2011

top 15 of 2011 (in no particular order)

15. spending a weekend in hanover w/ erin
14. spending a weekend in DC w/ frannie
13. having kelley visit me in nashville for three weeks
12. celebrating mom and dad's 25th anniversary
11. getting to work with such an amazing team at lululemon
10. working at camp greystone all summer
9. finding the perfect little antique suitcase to sell my CDs from
8. chai w/ neelam
7. colleen o'connell's visit
6. vanessa and brett's wedding, molly and lee j's wedding, kristen and chris's wedding, nick and jane's wedding, and all the other friends' weddings i got to witness this year
(+ whit's and boo's engagements!)
5. taking my first official cross-country road trip w/ my friend carolyn!

4. baba's 80th birthday w/ all the cousins and fam on dad's side
3. annual Christmas tree hunt and Christmas eve celebration
2. post-Christmas trip to CO w/ cousins and fam on mom's side
1. releasing my first EP, playing my first full band show, and receiving my first check from itunes!
mom and dad busting a move at my ep release

thank you to everyone in my life who has supported and encouraged me
and helped make 2011 so wonderful.
so grateful for you all.

here's to a 2012 full of
simplicity, and


  1. Love the coffee shops :) When are we going to open ours??

  2. Meggie - Really looking forward to your second EP release!!! Daddy