Sunday, September 11, 2011


what. a treat.

i spent the last two nights in the mountains of colorado with my dear friend melissa.
highlights included
-an incredible hike
-finding fresh raspberry bushes and eating some right from the plant along our hike
sources assured us they were safe. :)
-a free & public s'mores pit (what? who invented this? these should be everywhere)
-napping on the face of a huge rock in the middle of our hike
-dinner at a cozy little Italian place to commemorate mel and i's study abroad experience in siena
-playing music for/meeting some of mel's friends
-the simple act of driving across the country. there's something really therapeutic about driving across beautiful country and having time to take everything in.

other thoughts:
i love nashville, but being both home in wyoming for a bit and now here in colorado for a few days has made me think about moving out west again... or at least want to visit a lot.
i love how outdoorsy and nature-y everything is.
i totally have a mountain girl in me.

currently in a super cute and cozy starbucks in edwards, CO enjoying my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. i normally opt for local coffee shops - actually, one of my favorite things ever is visiting non-franchised, funky, independent coffee shops- but this is perfect for this morning. welcome the fall. I LOVE. the fall.

i can't believe 10 years have passed since sept. 11. 2001.
i vividly remember sitting in a student council meeting in my science classroom at mccormick jr. high watching the initial news reports and videos pour in
on a tiny tv in the corner of the room.

about to trek out to las vegas, my stop for tonight, and then to california tomorrow. got some steve moakler, ben rector and andy grammer tunes to keep me company. all great picks - check them out.

joy to you,

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