Thursday, July 7, 2011

rain dance

every (camp) day at 12:30,
i teach a dance class called Greystone Groove.
it's a series of dances that the one and only kelly carew made up about 15 years ago; fun, aerobic-y stuff to songs like Bye Bye Bye and Gotta Get Thru This that the older campers love because they are masters and have memorized the dances for years on end and can really get funky, and that the younger girls love because they want to be just like the older girls.
long sentence.

normally, i teach in the pavilion (see below), but today it started pourrring during this class, so what do we do?
blast the music, run outside and dance in the rain the entire time.
such. a blast.
p.s. there are NINETY FOUR girls who take this class.
All of us. on the road. torrential downpour. music blaring. puddles. every inch of clothing soaked.
also: maybe it's cliche to "take a picture a day," but i recently watched a TED talk (if you don't know what TED is, go to and have a look) about trying something for 30 days. i decided i'm going to take and post a picture on this blog for the next 30 days.
it'll be a good exercise in creativity and discipline, and just a fun way to recall specific details of my days in 40 years to come.

i wish I'd had my camera during the dance episode from this afternoon, but I did not.
thus, for today, a pic from my humble cabin abode:

plenty of color. :)


one more thing - i'm writing a lot of new music here and can't wait to share it with you all come fall! camp is a welllll of inspiration and playing guitar daily slash continuing to be disciplined with my writing has evolved my style a lot in just a short amount of time. It's been fun to discover and hone in on this new sort of sound/style, and it's proven to me that if you're committed to growing as an artist or whatever, if you put in the time and are committed to it - the growth and development will inevitably come. exciting!!
stay tuned!

final thing:
below: the DHP. the DHP: the dining hall porch. you can't see from this picture, but there are about 20 rocking chairs on this porch, each of which provides the most perfect early morning journaling/sunrise-watching place. (also, there's coffee ready early in the mornings, so one of my favorite things to do if I'm not teaching 6:15 am zumba :) is grab some coffee and just read/write/sit for a while, before the rest of camp wakes up).

annnd. i had to include this shot from last night's evening program in the pavilion. twas "game show night" w/ a krispy kreme theme... thus, the hats.

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  1. Meg! I'm loving your camp posts! I went to Green Cove, just down the road from Greystone when I was growing up. Brings back such fun memories!