Thursday, June 30, 2011

on songwriting and songsharing

so, as a songwriter, one of the greatest gifts is to share a song and have other people
get excited about it, relate to it, sing it for you, or the best, in my opinion - sing it with you.
as the worship leader at camp greystone this summer, i wrote a song to go along with the theme verse of the summer,
walk in the light.
this morning, i taught my song to 600 girls and then we all sang it together - such magic!! Ah!
it is so beautiful to see how a tiny seed of an idea can bloom into a full-blown song, sung by 600 people all together, ... and to witness that first hand this morning was so, so amazing!
can i get an!
here are some picky pics.

the pavilion, where i lead worship every morning :)

and bc you all know i love dancing so much...
a little dance partay action. single ladies, i assume.


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