Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happppppy new year, everyone!

Wishing you an amazing, blessing-filled year adorned with lots of little white lights,
even -and especially- in the face of darkness.

(ready to ring in the new year!)

joys from today:
-neily's croissant bread pudding.
-dinner with some of my besties at PM.
the waiter told us we were the happiest table he had ever waited on and i only mention this bc we really were such happy girls, getting to laugh and catch up and sit so snug after having been apart for so long. i think Heaven includes these kinds of meals.

(so happy at dindin!)

more joys:
-the coffee i drank after dinner. (somehow, that coffee was the most perfect tasting coffee i have ever had).
-an epic game of loaded questions and the laughter that ensued.
-staying up til 5 snuggling with my roomies and catching up.

Here's to finding joy in the small things.

ps. these are my new years resolutions:
1. yoga 3x per week.
2. weekly letter to grams.
3. read more. (kickin off the new year w/ the happiness project by gretchen rubin).


  1. Boy oh boy, that's enough joys to last a lifetime! That croissant bread pudding sounds fantastic! Happy New Year Meg. :) Hope you're doing good.


  2. Just looking at the pictures makes me smile. Joy to you and all the reunion attendees in 2011! Mom

  3. 4. run with your half buddies! ;)

    miss your joyous self this year!