Sunday, May 2, 2010

JOYs 94-108 :)

to my lovely and loyal blog followers:
you know what i was reminded of today?
a simple little quote from my dear friend colleen:
"a life of JOY is a life of sorrows."

in other words,
in order to recognize and appreciate the joys in this life, we must also embrace and appreciate the sorrows.
you know?

i think there's a lot of merit to this this statement.
if life was entirely full of joys, it wouldn't really be joy we were experiencing; it would be some half-emotion that doesn't slightly compare with the beauty of the real thing.
sorrows are beautiful.

-- if you're stuck in a "sorrow period," don't lose hope.
joy is always restored.

anyway... here are some joys. :) no videos for the past two weeks, but i'll totally re-instigate the video-ness soon.

JOY #94: picking up a happy baby from his crib just after his morning nap.
holding that baby. smelling his baby hair. feeling that baby's warmth against your chest and hugging him for a minute. smiling at that baby. watching his eyes and whole face light up and smile right back. recognizing the preciousness and beauty of life in that baby's little face.

JOY #95: having a good cry.
letting it all out - big sobs. being held by a best friend. mascara running down your face. not caring. smiling at the end bc you know you've got someone who loves you like that.

JOY #96: simpson-zuniga family weddings :)
watching the father of the bride walk his daughter down the aisle. watching the groom wait for his bride at the end of the aisle. watching the 9 siblings of the groom and 10 siblings of the bride stand alongside their soon-to-be-married brother and sis with love and joy just radiating from their faces!
watching the sibs put on a skit at the reception for the bride and groom.
dancing the entire night.

JOY #97: midnight chapel visits.
driving there in the rain. walking inside with a notebook and a pen.
wrapping my hands and arms around my knees and just sitting there for a while.
listening to the rain hit the windows.
watching the little candle by the tabernacle flicker.
pouring out my heart on paper and then at the piano.
trusting fate.

JOY #98: pretending i'm in a beach town as i walk down 21st ave on a sunny, breezy afternoon.
imagining salty air. hearing waves crash in the background. thinking ocean-y thoughts. smiling and taking in a deep ocean breath.
('s almost as good as really being there.)

JOY #99: crossing the finish line.
runnin the music city half marathon with my papa.
listening to him yell things like alleluia! and de colores! at random times and seeing other peoples' huge smiles and mid-run laughter because of this.
being able to find him easily in the sea of runners bc of his zoolander-ness.
crossing together!

JOY #100: realizing how much someone loves you. feeling truly, deeply cared for and understood.

JOY #101: voice messages from a littlest sister just calling to say hello.

JOY #102
: simple things:
getting gas,
being able to walk into a restaurant, enjoy a meal with friends, and have the resources to pay for it,
having a bed to sleep in each night,
being able to take hot showers...
all such little blessings.

JOY #103: checking things off my to-do list
(including catching up on this long-overdue blog-a-liciousness)

JOY #104: bundling up with big, cozy blankets when it's chilly outside.
wrapping those blankets so cozy and tight.
making sure your toes are tucked in, too.
relishing every second of the snug-as-a-bug-ness.

JOY #105: watching a friend bring to life one of her dreams
(my friend, miranda, just opened a new restaurant, BURGER UP, and ya'll should totally come try it out! it's on 12th south just a few blocks past the frothy monkey and the meat, cheese, produce, buns and everything are all from local farmers and bakers! spread some love!)

JOY #106: hearing the roll of thunder in the early morning.
being able to stay in bed just a little longer and listen to it more.
thinking about the power of nature.

JOY #107:

eating pizza w/ my dadda.
his half had olives and pepperoni, mine just had pepp.

JOY #108:
watching the holiday with shan and becca.
enjoying dark chocolate m&m's and sipping on ginger ale from wine glasses, just for fun.
laughing and picking out the best quotes from the movie, again just for fun.
being girls and thinking about our future loves... just for fun. ;)

ni night!

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  1. Your videos are sorely missed!

    Joy #94: Hehe I know what you mean...I love babies! :) I've always been really interested in human development and I think
    that toddlers and even babies are more intelligent than we "big people" give them credit for.

    Joy #95: Indeed, having a good cry every once in a while is pretty healthy. :D

    Joy #96: Weddings are one of my favorite kind of events to go to! They always have soooo much happiness and love in them. :')

    Joy #97: How peaceful :)

    Joy #98: My, my, you have a nifty imagination! :D Daydreaming like that is lots of fun, though I prefer the misty mountains
    to the beach. ;)

    Joy #99: Exercising with family and friends makes the exercising part 10x more fun!

    Joy #100: Mmmm, I know, you get this warm, fuzzy feeling inside. :D

    Joy #101: Hehe, I also love it when Hope calls me!

    Joy #102: Urgh, I don't like getting gas (bad smell and all), but I like everything else!

    Joy #103: Oh goodness I know what you mean! It IS nice when you finally get all the stuff done haha.

    Joy #104: Hehe, joy <3

    Joy #105: Haha wow, that's amazing! Congrats to your friend, her restaurant sounds yummy. :) Best of luck to her.

    Joy #106: I love the power of nature part but thunder kinda scares me. :(

    Joy #107: Wow, your papa's pizza sounds yummy!

    Joy #108: The Holiday is SUCH a good movie! I watched it a few weeks ago. :D

    It's great how you have such a fun-filled, joyful life, Megaroo! Hope you're doing good. :]