Friday, April 2, 2010

JOY #76: grandparents' day

today was grandparents' day at william's school.
grandparents' day is an annual event which consists of an hour-long musical performance, a chance for all grandparents/guests to tour the school and meet teachers, and a reception with cookies and punch.

william called me about two weeks ago to invite me to this event (if grandparents are unable attend, students can invite a "special adult friend," and i, as william's babysitter, got to be the lucky pal),
and of course i was excited when i got william's call,
but i had no idea what a big deal this day would be until i got there this morning.

let me give you a few specifics:
1.400 grandparents come to this thing.
they come from all over the country.
no less than 20 valet parking guys are needed to park all the cars.
i got there 15 minutes early and there was not an open seat in sight.

thankfully, a precious grandma offered to squeeze me in her bleacher when she saw me scanning the auditorium for a seat.
"i'd like to still be on the aisle," she said and laughed. "but you can squeeze here."
i totally squeezed.

so much joy :)


  1. haha that is SO adorable!!! 1,400 is definitely a lot of grandparents. 0_0

    I'm glad you had fun. :) And William is such a sweet kid!

  2. I can't get over this! SO precious! You must be one AWESOME babysitter Meg! William is such a little cutie!!!

  3. this is the cutest thing i have ever seen